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Most people consider money as an essential part of their happiness. People need money to have the comfort in life. To have a splendid vacation. To buy things that they want. To go to the salon to feel and be beautiful. To go to resto bars to buy drinks for their friends and acquaintances.

Others are happy when they are already at the peak of their career. When everyone is already below them in the organization. When people are looking up at them as successful leaders in their field of expertise. When their accomplishments are already in the publication. When their photo is in the cover of a prestigious business magazine.

For some, simply just by seeing their children grow means happiness for them. Not all men, women and couples are blessed with an angel. Conceiving is impossible for them because of some problems like health.

But the best way to be happy is being positive with your life. No matter how many typhoons you will encounter as long as you see your life in a positive way, things will always be okay. And forgive those who hurt you because no one is perfect. They might not did it on purpose.

I have a favorite quote and it goes like this…”When one door closes, a window opens”.

People are just never contented with their lives that’s why they are not happy.  They always crave for something more and sad to say, that is what human nature is.


How to love your children?

I had a short talk with one of my cousins yesterday. One thing I learned on that very short time is ‘How to love your children’. This may also apply not only to our children but also to the people around us. She said that according to the speaker in the recollection she had that day, LOVE itself has a meaning…

L – Listen with your heart. When you are listening to what your children are telling you like stories or his/her life that day, you should give your full attention to him/her and show him/her that you are interested on what he/she is telling. Sometimes when my daughter is talking to me I will just say “ah…mmm…then…good…okey” then that’s it the end of the story. Communicate. My mother never missed this part. No matter how busy she was during the week, she always find time to listen and talk to us.

O – Overflow with love. Our children do not need materials things in order for them to feel love. We thought that, because we already gave them the things they want like expensive toys, beautiful clothes or techy gadgets they already feel that they were being loved. NO! That is always the number 1 mistake that we always do. The best thing that we can do is just sit down with them, play, talk or even watch movie. Have fun! And express your feelings. Tell your children how much you love them and they are the most precious gift that God has given you. Even just a hug would make them feel that they are loved. ‘Mama, hug! It’s free!’ that is the usual line of my daughter if she wants to hug me.

V – Vibrate with them. Know the hobbies of your children. What they love and like to do or where they are good at. May it be academic or non-academic. Recognize their skills and talents and help them develop it. My daughter is a very sports minded person. At a very young age, she already showed signs that she is into sports. So when she decided to join the soccer team in her school we gave her our full support. We watch her practice and sometimes play with her.

E – Exemplify. Lead by example. We are our children’s idols. If we want them to grow up as a good and better person, we must show them how to be one by being one. We can’t tell our children not to smoke, drink or gamble if we are doing it. My daughter doesn’t want me to drink (alcoholic beverages). So before I take sip or if I am still planning to have one, I always ask my daughters permission and approval first. Hahaha… I just remembered…during my younger years…I have to deal with my parents with that and now I am dealing with my daughter. And unluckily, my daughter is more strict than my parents.

I know some of you reading this are already or going to be far . . . very far from you children. No matter where you are, just continue communicating with them. One of my nieces grew up without knowing her grandmother since birth but continuous communication through the net patches their gap. When she was very very young she always points at the computer and say “Mommy”.


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