Love and Hate

Can you imagine how two different people who grew up in two different worlds having different attitudes, trying to live in one roof , making things work out just to save their marriage?

Being married for more than 10 years made me realize that there are a thousand things I hate about my husband. Why am I still married? It’s because of these 10 things I love about him. Many couples would end up either separated or divorced because of this thousand things. But for me, i took it as a challenge in our relationship. I used this 100 things to make our relationship better.

For 10 long years we have been fighting and fighting on petty and huge things. Whenever I recall those huge fights we had and the reasons of our fight, it still breaks my heart and ask myself why am I still married. But the thought of those 10 little things makes me feel his love.

Others might call it martyrdom but for me its love. No relationship started with hate. It always starts with love. But as the relationship ages, you will discover many things and you will realize that what you love is what he hates and what he loves is what you hates. The only common thing that both of you are holding is that love you felt inside.

I just heard this song 7 things by Miley Cyrus there was a line there that I wanted to quote – “…And the 7th thing I like most that you do,
You make me love you..” No matter how much you hate him, you still end up realizing that you still love him.


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