Most people consider money as an essential part of their happiness. People need money to have the comfort in life. To have a splendid vacation. To buy things that they want. To go to the salon to feel and be beautiful. To go to resto bars to buy drinks for their friends and acquaintances.

Others are happy when they are already at the peak of their career. When everyone is already below them in the organization. When people are looking up at them as successful leaders in their field of expertise. When their accomplishments are already in the publication. When their photo is in the cover of a prestigious business magazine.

For some, simply just by seeing their children grow means happiness for them. Not all men, women and couples are blessed with an angel. Conceiving is impossible for them because of some problems like health.

But the best way to be happy is being positive with your life. No matter how many typhoons you will encounter as long as you see your life in a positive way, things will always be okay. And forgive those who hurt you because no one is perfect. They might not did it on purpose.

I have a favorite quote and it goes like this…”When one door closes, a window opens”.

People are just never contented with their lives that’s why they are not happy. ¬†They always crave for something more and sad to say, that is what human nature is.


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