Become an Employee of Choice

How does it feel when you were called for an interview by a company where you did not submit your resume? To be able to have one is not easy. An employer usually looks at your educational background, work experience and sometimes the University where you came from. What if you don’t have all these things? You’re transcript of record shows that you’re only an average student, just graduated from college, and finished your degree in a not so high standard kind of school.

Don’t feel down because all of us have our own skill that others might not have. Know where you are good at and what you love to do. Everyone is unique in each way. Others may have brilliant brains because they are able to give brilliant ideas; others are brilliant in a way that they can put those brilliant ideas into colorful pictures; and others are brilliant in selling those colorful pictures and make an earning out of it. So list down all the things you are good at and include it in your resume under ‘Special skills’.

Develop your special skills by constant practice, motivation and think positive. If in drawing is where you are good at, then draw. Draw what you like, what you love and what you want to see on your wall. Show your work to other people and let them make comments on it. May it be positive or negative accept it. More if it’s negative because you will have space for improvement. Attach your work in your resume so that the employer will see proof of your work.

Think in advance. Be on the shoes of the employer. What would the employer want to see in your resume? What are the questions that the employer might ask if he sees your resume? What are the qualities that are needed for the position? This entire thing should appear in your resume. Sell yourself.

Think positive. You can do it. Have confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself then who will?


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